About Us

Hi there, my name is Meeghan and I am the owner of the Schoolies website. Since having four children we have noticed how difficult it is to manage the rising cost of living – food, electricity, petrol, rent, housing, rates... they just keep going up. And for parents like us with school age children, the cost is even greater with new uniforms. This is where Schoolies can help.

Schoolies is an easy-to-use website that allows even the biggest technophobe to buy and sell pre-loved uniforms at affordable prices.

School uniforms can cost up to $1000, which represents a significant cost to families with school age children. Therefore, buying and selling pre-loved uniforms can help manage the family budget and keep more money in the pockets of New Zealand families.

We know you will enjoy the benefits Schoolies has to offer, yet we’re always keen to learn how we can improve the website. Please feel free to send us feedback anytime via our contact us page.

Schoolies is proud to be 100% New Zealand owned and is a New Zealand Limited Company.