Below we've done our best to answer the questions we get asked the most. We'll keep updating the page as time goes on so be sure to check back.

People browsing for uniforms cannot view your contact details, only your username, suburb & city will be visible.  If you enquire about a uniform, the seller will be emailed your details to enable them to contact you.

Your item will be delisted from our site 90 days from the date of listing.  A courtesy email will be sent to your email address.  

The number of listings per membership is unlimited. However a max of 20 items can be loaded through the form at one time.

Go to your account. Sold items are kept for a period of three weeks. You can relist an item for free during this time.

There are no refunds if your item does not sell.

Your item will be delisted from our site 6 months from the date of listing. A courtesy email will be sent to your email address.

Shipping should not be included in the advertised sale price.  Shipping/pickup arrangements and costs should be agreed by the buyer and seller once contact is made.  

The best thing is to wait a week, as your buyer may not be able to answer emails because they are sick or on holiday, or have other commitments etc. After that time, if you haven’t heard from them, you can always re-list an item.

Contact us and we will add it straight away.

When searching for schools the accronym TKKM denotes a Kuapapa Māori school - TKK deontes a Te Kura Kuapapa School

When searching for Saint schools please use the acronym St at the beginning of your search.