Secured Payments for Listings

The Schoolies website processes all payment(s) for a listing(s) utilizing a 3rd Party provider called Direct Payment Solutions (DPS). DPS is a innovative global leader in payment technology delivering a range of secure solutions to major corporate, banking and SME clients globally with their PCI DSS compliant payments solution - Payment Express

Payment Express is certified with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners, providing a global end to end payment platform that facilitates electronic payments seamlessly, and in real time.

For further information please check out their website

DPS security utilises SSL encryption and all payments are handled by a secure, PCI compliant solution provided by DPS. The Schoolies website does not store credit card details and only receives payments authorised by you in relation to your listing. Once listings are uploaded then no refunds are available on the listing.

Any changes or errors in the amount charged will be reversed back to the credit card utilised for the transaction. If their is an error in the charge for the listing please contact us on detailing the date and dollar amount charged for the transaction and the error that occurred. For security reasons please do NOT provide your credit card details as part of this enquiry.

We will respond within 24 hours of your email during normal business hours and begin investigation on the issue you have advised providing regular updates by email.

Please note Schoolies does not arrange payments between buyer and seller for goods and any charges through the site are solely for the listing.